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Hell's Razer: A Military Sci-Fi Thriller Space Opera (Spiral War - Liberators Book 5) by [SJ Schauer]


 They’d earned a break, an easy assignment.

The war had other ideas.

Still recovering from the loss, betrayal horrors of fighting the Gorvians Campaign, the Monstero Nach found themselves assigned to Cathedral Station 7. It promised to be a quiet assignment, one in which they could recover from the nightmare of that campaign. The quiet that followed was not to last.

With their skills as Special Operations Squad firmly established, the Confederacy would call upon them as their centuries-old enemy launched a new campaign of terror. This new assignment will tax the Monstero Nach in ways they’d never imagined, the squadron must pull together to keep the Galactic Federation at bay or risk leaving the door open to the Confederacy Core Worlds.

Hell’s Razer is the fifth book in the Spiral War Military Sci-Fi series, and will take the Monstero Nach to the frontline of the war where everything they’ve come to know will be put to the test to venture beyond the edge of civilized space to fight for their future.














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