Political Affiliation: 


Incorporation Date:


Government Type:

Pure Democracy

Genetic Class:

Carbon-Vegetoid Amphibian
CO2 Metabolizing
(Right-Handed Amino-Acid)

Sensory Organs: 


Visual Spectrum:



1 Budding Pollentation


4 annura

Litter Size:


Life Span:

250+ annura

Sexual Maturity:

50 annura

Ave. Height:

Up to 36 Metra

Ave. Mass:

Up to 4 Tons 




Physical Description

Bish-Slex are slow-growing pyramidal-shaped vegetoids with eight thick “root tentacles” that act to give the Bish-Slex locomotion and eight more thinner prehensile tentacles nestled amongst its numerous branches.  The Bish-Slex’s numerous sensory organs coat their branches with light-sensitive eye analogs tipping each branch.

Young Bish-Slex are mobile and can be found migrating across their world to expand their forests.  When a Bish-Slex decides to put down roots is up to the individual, but few seem to do so until they are at least a century old.  While mobile, matured Bish-Slex will spread their seeds to rooted individuals to ensure maximum genetic diversity.

Mobile Bish-Slex rarely grow more than 12 metra in height but upon rooting will reach their maximum height inside of the following century.


The Bish-Slex are considered Accidental Confederates.  Their homeworld, Teli-Cordel, was left untouched even during the war because no one knew it held sentient life, and especially not advanced sentient life.  Sentient life there was discovered by accident when Confederacy Scout Ship made an emergency landing on the edge of one of the world’s vast forests.  Young Bish-Slex approached the ship, curious as to what it was and explore the various theories that abounded throughout their culture.  Unfortunately the Galactic Federation pursued the scout ship and attacked, lighting the nearby forest of Bish-Slex afire before Confederacy reinforcements could arrive and chase them off and douse the flames.

The Bish-Slex demanded entry into the Confederacy immediately, and since then young Bish-Slex has found their way into the Space Forces, primarily as intelligence analysts.
Prior to first contact the Bish-Slex history is filled with vast amounts of information regarding their ever growing forests, migration patterns, genetic trees, weather, everything they can remember about their world.


Bish-Slex long theorized about what lay beyond their world and are amazing mathematicians and astronomers, despite their lack of proper tools and optics.  They love to gather information and share with their massive root structure weave through which they can pass information all across their homeworld.  This effectively makes their planet one massive computer system and the Bish-Slex are more than happy to analyze all manner of data as the pursuit of knowledge, even once rooted is paramount.

Major Religions/Philosophies

No Religions
“Roots go down and join the mind of Teli-Cordel so that our mind may expand throughout the stars.”


As of UCSB Census Date 1000:  3 trillion



Bish-Slex that are too long separated can develop a sort of psychosis especially as they approach rooting age, and only planting themselves and joining in the neural weave of Teli-Cordel has proven able to calm them.


    No known sub-species, and no other plants on Teli-Cordel show signs of even semi-sentience.