Political Affiliation: 


Incorporation Date:


Government Type:

Representative Meritocracy

Genetic Class:

Carbon-Avian Homonid
Chlorine Gas Metabolizing
(Right Handed Amino-Acid)

Sensory Organs: 


Visual Spectrum:



2 (Male/Female) Sexual


60-240 cycles

Litter Size:


Life Span:

Male: 160 annura
Female: 155 annura

Sexual Maturity:

20 annura

Ave. Height:

Male: 7 metra
Female: 8 metra

Ave. Mass:

Male: 10 kilobar
Female: 11 kilobar


Physical Description

Chret are six-limbed reverse knee hinged homids with two prehensile arms and legs and wide span wings evolved from six-limbed avians.  The Chret is body is largely homonid in proportion with thinner arms and legs and a pair of wings slightly above and inboard of the shoulder joint, with the skin running down to lower hip joint and tail nub.  Chret are covered head to toe with feathers that vary from white to black depending on region with the majority having brown to black feathers.  Female Chret are slightly larger then the males with a noticeably larger abdomen and plainer feather coloring.  Male Chret have brighter plumage and a small wattle beneath the beak.

A Chret’s head is distinguished by having a pair of eyes dual pupiled mounted midway up the face on either side of a long beak and a small brow ridge.  The long prehensile beak is filled with sharp teeth and has a pair of large nostrils near the tip.  Chret ears are located right behind the beak with a thick membrenous outer drum covering the ear canal that leads to the inner ear.

Chret have five digits on their chitinous, talon-like feet and hands.  The digits are arranged with three primary fingers, and two graping opposable thumbs emerging from a small central palm.  Each digit is tipped with razo sharp, retractable claws.

Both genders share externally similar with oviposters.  Females ovulate every 60 cycles with unfertilized eggs being laid within 10 cycles.  If fertilized, the egg gestates for another 60 cycles before being laid and then gestates for an additional 240 cycles before hatching


Chret evolved from a common ancestor to several other six-limbed Chrone native creatures.  The majority of Chrone’s native animal life is winged, if even just gliding wings.

Early Chret spread across their world quickly climbing high into the slipstream to race across the surface of their planet and it’s three major continents.  Social creatures, these flocks of Chret would establish new colonies wherever they discovered sufficient resources to establish their large communal nests.  As often happens richer colonies came into conflict with the less resource rich colonies.  Eventually these wars led to each continent having its own major government and two massive world wars before they set out into space.
Chret took quickly to space exploration once they developed reliable means to reach space without breaking or shattering their light skeletal structures.  Chret established numerous orbital, asteroid and moon based colonies over the next two centuries, the lighter gravity preferable to many of the colonists, especially the older members.  

Mistrusting of other races, the Chret avoided the Confederacy races (even during the Vedekian War).  However, during the Pharad War, a Chret convoy ran afoul of a Pharad fleet and came under attack.  The Chret sued for Confederacy entrance immediately in order to protect themselves and became staunch allies in the following centuries. 


After their final world war the Chret began a new meritrocrical policy to prevent future wars.  In order to prove ones worth, and ensure that any advantages were not due to parental involvement or influence all Chret children are raised by the whole of the colony, though records are kept for medical reasons.  The massive group nests are looked over by “nurses and teachers” who raise the hatchlings and encourage them to reach their greatest potential.  Hatchings are tested continually to discover their “natural talents” after which their education is tailored towards a career in that field.

This often leads to many seeing the Chret at elitist, but that could not be further from the truth.  Chret take great pride in their chosen profession and do not look down on others in “lesser” professions so long as they work to become the very best at what they do.  However, those that are lazy or seem entitled in their actions are looked down upon even if they worked hard to achieve the the ability to do so before.

Major Religions/Philosophies

The Chret have six major religions, though the majority of Chret follow only two as of CD 1000, Albicon and Mordibud, and their subsidiaries. Albiconists are a monotheistic religion that are constantly on the search for savior figure, with the various subsidiaries debating whether their savior has already come or not, and others declaring that it does not matter so long as they stick to their cultural heritage. Mordibud is a polytheistic religion with over two dozen deities, and is more popular in the extra-Chronic colonies as it encourages familial relationships more than Albicon or the other faiths.

“Fly as high and as fast as you can, only then can you prove your worth.” 


As of UCSB Census Date 1000:  20 Billion including all colony worlds.


Chret have extremely light, yet strong skeletal systems.  Despite that Chret break their bones easily, especially in higher gravity environments.  The ability to keep one’s bones unbroken, especially in the wings, is therefore considered a great accomplishment, and so called “unbroken” Chret are held up as sex symbols.

Psionicism- Telepathic and Telekinetic abilities, most Chret Psionics average at a level 6, with a few level nine, the number of psionics grows with every generation.


No known sub-species.