Political Affiliation: 


Incorporation Date:


Government Type:


Genetic Class:

Carbon-Cephalopod Hominid
Nitrogen Gas Metabolizing
(Right Handed Amino-Acid)

Sensory Organs: 


Visual Spectrum:



2 (Male/Female) Sexual


700 cycles

Litter Size:


Life Span:

Male: 220 annura
Female: 240 annura

Sexual Maturity:

60 annura

Ave. Height:

Male: 10 metra
Female: 9 metra

Ave. Mass:

40 kilobar




Physical Description

Cthoid are four limbed forward knee-hinged homonids two prehensile arms and vestigial wing nubs.  Cthoid are an offshoot race of ancient elder race that has since died out or evacuated the galaxy.  The Cthoid are large homonids with massive fat deposits and oily skin, short legs and tentacles hands along with a tentacled face.  Female Cthoids are slightly shorter than the males with large udders.

The Cthoid head is a extremely large and lumpy with a mass of tangled, prehensile tenctales that dominate the face above which are a pair of large yellow eyes.  Behind the tentacles is a large mouth with craggy teeth that crush up any food that the face tentacles shred and feed into it.  All other sensory organs are hidden within the rolls of head fat.

Cthoid hands are made up of four equally placed tentacles with strong sucker cups.  Their feet however are large and flat, not unlike those of other oversized land animals.

Both genders share externally similar ovipositors.  Females ovulate once an annura and will give live birth if impregnated.  The Cthoid are slow to reproduce given their long lives.


Cthoid are reluctant to share their early history.  What is known is that they are the descendant of an ancient elder race that has since vacated the galaxy.  The Cthoid have a serious hatred for the Pharad, the reason behind this is unclear though it is evident that the Pharad had some involvement with that.

The Cthoid first came back into prominence shortly after the Pharad joined the Confederacy.  Though nothing happened beyond a few chance encounter for over a century the Cthoid eventually fought back against what they saw a Pharad influenced encroachment on their territory.  The Cthoid began what they saw as a war to free the Confederacy that ended over four annura later when the Confederacy demonstrated that the Pharad, whiled a member race, were largely left alone and had little influence on Confederacy policy.

Since then the Cthoid have assumed a large role in ensuring that no COnfederacy race establishes themselves as godlike beings to any younger race.  They are strong proponents of allowing races to develop independently, but in rare cases of “Accidental Confederacy” the Cthoid are some of the first to step up and ensure that the new race does not lose their culutral essence.


Beyond their insistence that no race intentionally, or accidentally, establish themselves as Gods, the Cthoid tend to remain quite secrative about their history and culture.  They do tend to come off as quite condescending however and act like they are better then most other races in some way or another.

Major Religions/Philosophies

The Cthoid all seem to worship their ancient forebearers, though the exact nature of that worship is not well documented.

Kept just as secretive as the rest of their culture.



As of UCSB Census Date 1000:  50 Million including all colony worlds.


Cthoid intentionally keep their population low for reasons of their own.

Psionicism- Most Cthoid display some level of Telepathic and Telekinetic ability, though it is curiously of a low level compared other older races. Most Cthoid Psionics average at a level 3, with a few level six.


No known sub-species.