Starship Registry: F-223B “Solaar”

Starship Registry Data

Name: F-223B Solaar

Anti-Bomber Assault Interceptor


Lockheed-Nea-Sirian Consortium


4.55 Tonnes


42.69 Me


28.0  Me


21 Metra (in flight)

Thrust (max-torch):

2- P&W F-510 Plasma Drives
19.34-58 G-Tonnes each

Power Plant:

Fusion Batteries

Max Acceleration:


Afterburner Acc:


Max G Load:




Max Yaw/Pitch/Roll Rates:


Shields (Fore/Aft): 60/60 DSR
Armor (Fore/Aft/Flank):

10/10/15 HAR


2:MP-240-C 50rds
2:MM-256-3-G 300rds


2X15: ASR-290
2X3: AIM-340/345/350




24 standard







Craft Compliment:



10 Hects

SSD Class: L

The Primary front line interceptor and light attack craft of the Galactic Federation, the first model Solaars entered service just before the end of the armistice.  The Solaar’s unique guns system was originally set to fire both Heavy MDCs in cycle then the two Heavy Plasers with one trigger pull.  This was found to be effective against slow moving bombers but ineffective against fighters, so a software fix was later implemented that allowed the pilot to select between the weapons individually or to link them together.  The name Solaar comes from the Neanderthal word for Solar.  The craft was originally intended to be solar powered, but the energy needs proved to be too high and the solar cells were too easily damaged to be effective.  The Solaar has excellent visibility all around thanks to its massive bubble canopy and is still considered a strong threat against confederation bombers.  In the hands of skilled pilot, to fighters as well.

 B model Solaar’s feature an additional set of FAST Packs added onto the back of the fighter.  These contain extra sets of Zero Kinetic Energy Potential (ZKEP) Packs, and additional fuel stores.  Thanks to the increased range and decreased detection potential due to the added heat sinks the FAST Packs allow for Solaars to make deep penetration runs in system.  The FAST Packs are often ditched during combat however if they are emptied or the ZKEPs exhausted in order to save mass.

“Only those thick-headed Thals would do something as crazy as slap tank cannons to a “fighter” and actually get it to work.  Every other interceptor we had before the Solaar had to blow half its missile load on a Cont bomber or chip away at its shields.  Not a Solaar, make a slash attack and in one burst the shields are down and the armor shredded, then your buddy can come in for the kill shot.  Just don’t get into a turning fight with anybody”  Captain Chip Spanks VF-26 Road Runners.

Lockheed-Nia-Sirian Consortium F-223B

Anti-Bomber Assault Interceptor


VA-36 Road Runners, GFS-Ranger

Registry Key:

1- Omnidirectional Sensor Pod x4
2- Stellar Hydrogen Intake x2
3- Forward Sensor Array (Targeting)
4- Thrust Vector/Reversal Paddles
5- Circle Bar Vernier Thruster Array (typ)
6- FAST Pack Mounting Point/ZKEP Vent x2
7- Shield Emitter x8
8- AIM-350 Missile Pack 2×3
9- Thermal Exhaust Vent x8
10- Docking Hardpoint x2
11- MP-240-C Heavy Plaser Cannon (50rds) x2
12- MM-256-3-G Heavy MDC (300rds) x2
13- Forward Power Generator/Thermal Array
14- ASR-290 Rocket Pack 2×15
15- Communications Dome x4
16-  Tail Sting
17- P&W F-510 Plasma Drives x2
18- Bubble Cockpit (1 seat)
19- Folding Dorsal/Ventral Fin Array

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