Starship Registry: F-227 “Tigercat”

Red Rippers Tigercat in flight over NAS China Lake

Starship Registry Data

Name: F-227 Tigercat
Class: Escort Fighter
Manufacturer: Douglas-Saab Corp
Mass: 3.392 Tonnes
Length: 41.5 Metra
Span: 31.6 Metra
Height: 7.6 Metra
Thrust (max-torch):
2:P&W F-510 Plasma Engines
19.34-58 G-Tonnes each
Power Plant: Fusion Batteries
Max Acceleration: 11.4G
Afterburner Acc: 34.2G
Max G Load: 38G
Hyperspace: No
Max Yaw/Pitch/Roll Rates: 75/120/150 DPS
Shields (Fore/Aft): 60/60 DSR
Armor (Fore/Aft/Flank): 10/10/15 HAR
Weapons: 1: MP-240-C Heavy Plaser (50 rds)
1: MM-256-3-G MDC (300 rds)
4: MP-90-2-G
Missiles: 2:3 AIM-340/345/350
2:15 ASR-290
Torpedoes: N/A
Decoys: 24 Standard Type
Transatmospheric: Yes
Crew: 1
Cargo: Light
Craft Compliment: N/A
Duration: 10-15 Decs
SSD Class: L

The Primary front line fighter of the Galactic Federation, Tigercats were designed to complement the weaknesses of the Solaar and to provide cover for the interceptors against enemy fighters.  Douglas-Saab originally designed the Tigercat to compete against the Solaar for the Assault Interceptor role.  Fitting only a single MP-240 and MM-256-3 each, or two of a single type, the admiralty did not think it strong enough to serve the interceptor role.  The addition of dedicated anti-fighter MP-90 defensive armament, while denying the craft the interceptor role, did offer it a new life as an escort fighter.  It was the hope of the admiralty that the Tigercat would eventually replace the aging F-214 Phantom 4, to date that yet to happen.

Tigercats will often fly without their heavy armament, and will instead fit two additional missile packs instead of the twin rocket packs.  In this configuration the craft makes an excellent light fighter, and more than a match for UCSB fighters in the immediate post armistice annura.  The more traditional aerodynamic profile of the fighter also gave it better atmospheric handling than the Solaar making them more attractive for planetary garrisons and missions.

“The Tigercat would have been scrapped after it lost the interceptor competition except for one thing.  The Solaars were shite at fighter to fighter engagements.  Confed escorts kept picking Solaars off before they could reach the bombers.  Slip a couple Tigercats into the formation and they would pop up to slam Conts unawares.”  Lt Commander Kiernan O’Rourke, Red Rippers Squadron.

Douglas Saab Corp F-227C
Escort Fighter
VF-11 Red Rippers, GFS-Saratoga

Registry Key:

1- Circle Bar Vernier Thruster Array (typ)
2- Atmospheric Control Surface
3- Cranked Arrow Anhedral Wing Tip
4- AIM-350 Missile Pack 2×3
5- MP-90-2-G (300rds) x4
6- Forward Sensor Array (Targeting)
7- Communications Dome x6
8- Docking Hardpoint x2
9- Thrust Vector/Reversal Paddles
10- Shield Emitter x8
11- ASR-290 Rocket Pack 2×15
12- Main Landing Gear Doors
13- Thermal Exhaust Vent (typ)
14- Nose Gear Door
15- Lower Omnidirectional Sensor Pod x2
16- Upper Omnidirectional Sensor Pod x2
17- Folding Ventral Tails x2
18- Cockpit (1 Seat)
19- MP-240-C Heavy Plaser Cannon (50rds)
20- MM-256-3-G Heavy MDC (300rds)
21-  P&W F-512 Plasma Drives x2

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Anti-Bomber Armament Details

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Tigercat over China Lake NAWS