Starship Registry: F-231 “Corvus”

Skull Squadron Corvus in flight

Starship Registry Data

Name: F-231 Corvus
Class: Superiority Fighter
Manufacturer: Sukhoi Centaury OKB
Mass: 7.8 Tonnes
Length: 54 Metra
Span: 43.2 Metra
Height: 9.34 Metra
Thrust (max-torch):
2:AL-223 Plasma Turbines
39-117 G-Tonnes each
Power Plant: Fusion Batteries
Max Acceleration: 10G
Afterburner Acc: 30G
Max G Load: 35G
Hyperspace: No
Max Yaw/Pitch/Roll Rates: 120/150/120 DPS
Shields (Fore/Aft): 80/60 DSR8
Armor (Fore/Aft/Flank): 15/15/15 HAR

4: MP-90-2-G

Missiles: 4:3 AIM-340/345/350
Torpedoes: N/A
Decoys: 24 Standard Type
Transatmospheric: Yes
Crew: 2
Cargo: Light
Craft Compliment: N/A
Duration: 10-15 Decs
SSD Class: L

Developed during the armistice of 970-980 as a direct superior to the Splicer-4000, F-231 Corvus Superiority Fighters decimated the ranks of Splicer-4000 Stinger squadrons all across the front lines.  Once the Splicer-5000 came online, the craft was proven to have met its match.  One should not discount the craft, however.  It can still out accelerate most Confed fighters and while not as maneuverable, its thick shields and impressive yaw rate make it a dangerous threat and favorite of GF ace pilots.  That acceleration comes at a cost however and the Corvus’ engines are known for catastrophic failures if pushed for too long.  For this reason, the engines are limited in the time that they can sustain a full fusion torch.

Like the FB-230, it was designed to escort and compliment; the Corvus features advanced stealth and sensor masking systems.  The fighter can power up much faster however due to its more advanced powerplant.  Due to this, the Corvus has begun to replace the older F-214 Phantom-4, another Sukhoi-Centauri design, and it is popular with the pilots of that older craft.  It is not as popular amongst the maintainers however as the various systems require more frequent replacement and longer repair downtime. 

“Russians especially love the Corvus.

The Tigercat would have been scrapped after it lost the interceptor competition except for one thing.  The Solaars were shite at fighter-to-fighter engagements.  Confed escorts kept picking Solaars off before they could reach the bombers.  Slip a couple Tigercats into the formation and they would pop up to slam Conts unawares.”  Lt Commander Kiernan O’Rourke, Red Rippers Squadron.

Douglas Saab Corp F-231A

Superiority Fighter


VFA-103 Jolly Rogers, GFS-Koontz

Registry Key:

1- Leading Edge Passive Sensor Array x2
2- Sensor Masking Emitter x2
3- Atmospheric Control Surface
4- Plasma Drive Reverse Thrust Maneuvering Vanes/Atmospheric Drag Reduction Cover x2
5- Plasma Drive Maneuvering Vanes
6- Docking Hardpoint x2 
7- Forward Sensor Array (Targeting)
8- Shield Emitter x8
9-  Low Profile Stellar Hydrogen Intake/Blackbody Radiator x4
10- Main Landing Gear Doors x2
11- AIM-350 Missile Pack 4×3
12- Electromagnetic Impulser Maneuvering Array (typ)
13- Primary Powerplant Thermal Array
14- Nose Gear Door
15- MP-90-2-G (300rds) x4
16- MM-262-B (300rds) x2
17- Cockpit (2 Seat)
18- Dorsal Stabilizer w/ Omnidirectional Sensor Array x2 
19- Ventral Stabilizer w/ Omnidirectional Sensor Array x2 
20- Saturn AL-223 Plasma Engines x2

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Additional Images/Example Color Schemes

Tigercat over China Lake NAWS