Starship Registry: F-229 “Wildcat”


 Vf0-143 14.17Jolly Rogers Wildcats during space trials over Earth.

Starship Registry Data

Name: F-229 Wildcat
Class: Medium Superiority Fighter
Manufacturer: Douglas-Saab Corp
Mass: 4.846 Tonnes
Length: 42.69 Metra
Span: 27.05 Metra
Height: 15.75 Metra
Thrust (max-torch):

4: GS F-606 Plasma Engines
4: GE F-608 Particle Duct Engines (upgraded)
17.17-51.52 G-Tonnes each

Power Plant: Fusion Batteries
Max Acceleration: 15.1G
Afterburner Acc: 42.53G (software limited to 38G)
Max G Load: 38G 
Hyperspace: No
Max Yaw/Pitch/Roll Rates: 90/180/150 DPS
Shields (Fore/Aft): 65/65 DSR
Armor (Fore/Aft/Flank): 10/20/15 HAR
Weapons: 4: MP-99-3-G
2: MM-180-A (40 rds)
Missiles: 2:4 AIM-340/345/350
Torpedoes: N/A
Decoys: 24 Standard Type
Transatmospheric: Yes
Crew: 1
Cargo: Light
Craft Compliment: N/A
Duration: 10-15 Decs
SSD Class: L

 Development of the Wildcat actually began concurrently with that of the heavier F-230 Corvus and F/B-231 Mosquito after certain deficiencies in the Tigercat were discovered.  In particular, keeping the anti-bomber weaponry proved to limit the Tigercat’s dogfighting capability, and as more commanders on fleet carriers began to remove the anti-bomber weapons in favor of anti-fighter missiles, Douglas-Saab saw an opportunity.  Development was slowed for many reasons, in particular was DS’s adherence to keeping with the common fuselage of the Tigercat, the only holdover from the original design that competed and lost to the Solaar.

The Wildcat finally saw its initial, limited, deployment at the end of the Gorvian campaign, but did not see widespread deployment for another annura.  Numerous enhancements made their way into the production fighter including full, wrap-around, holographic displays and eventually Particle Duct Engines.  The Wildcat proved itself quickly to be an equal match to the Splicer-5000 and became much loved by its pilots as it began to replace the Tigercats throughout the fleet. 

“The Wildcat was everything the Tigercat promised, but just couldn’t manage to deliver.  These planes are near unstoppable in the hands of a skilled pilot and the Conts we have gone up against haven’t stood a chance against us.”  Commander Juan Hernandez, VF-143


Douglas Saab Corp F-229A
Escort Fighter
VF-84 Joly Rogers, GFS-Barker

Registry Key:
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1- Circle Bar Vernier Thruster Array (typ)
2- Atmospheric Control Surface
3- Cranked Arrow Anhedral Wing Tip
4- AIM-350 Missile Pack 2×3
5- MP-90-2-G (300rds) x4
6- Forward Sensor Array (Targeting)
7- Communications Dome x6
8- Docking Hardpoint x2
9- Thrust Vector/Reversal Paddles
10- Shield Emitter x8
11- ASR-290 Rocket Pack 2×15
12- Main Landing Gear Doors
13- Thermal Exhaust Vent (typ)
14- Nose Gear Door
15- Lower Omnidirectional Sensor Pod x2
16- Upper Omnidirectional Sensor Pod x2
17- Folding Ventral Tails x2
18- Cockpit (1 Seat)
19- MP-240-C Heavy Plaser Cannon (50rds)
20- MM-256-3-G Heavy MDC (300rds)
21-  P&W F-512 Plasma Drives x2

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