Political Affiliation: 


Incorporation Date:


Government Type:

Social Democracy

Genetic Class:

Oxygen Gas Metabolizing
(Right Handed Amino-Acid)

Sensory Organs: 


Visual Spectrum:



3 Genebudding


800 cycle

Litter Size:

1 per parent

Life Span:

200 Annura

Sexual Maturity:

40 annura

Ave. Height:

9 metra

Ave. Mass:

30 Kilobar




Physical Description

Glackid are bipedal aquatic vegetoids with a flexible carbonate endoskeleton wrapped and cored by a fibrous musculature and three tentacle-like arms.  The Glackid body is arranged like an upside down Y with a round or crenelated top from which three eye stalks emerge.  The three arms emerge midway up the central body.

Glackid tentacle arms have a dislocating spinal structure allowing them to stretch to up to twice their length with articulating spines at the tips.  The thick legs blend into two large feet inside of which the Glackd’s dual brains are housed.  The edges of the round pachydermic feet are ringed with gill-like slits that filter water through them and collect small organisms for food.

Glackid sexes are distinguished primarily the color of their budding young and pheromones they release.  Reproduction requires three Glackid to come together, joining their tentacles together through which they pass genetic material.  The genetic material of all three mixes together after which all three will begin to bud a new young.  After two annura the budding young wild drop away and begin to walk along the shores with their parent until they are old and large enough to stride alone.  Glackid can carry multiple buds at once but only create one bud per mating.


Glackid have lived along the shorelines of their world and it’s numerous islands, rivers, and inland seas.  They are constantly on the move, rarely resting for more than a few planetary rotations at a time.  Glackid history is therefore very peaceful as their constant nomadic nature kept them from developing much in the idea of personal property.  Glackid love to debate, sometimes spending tridecs on end discussing a singular topic as they continue their never-ending treks.

Debating and coming to the conclusion that other life must exist, but that space travel would require too land-based an infrastructure, the Glackid developed advanced communications systems with which to reach other races.  Study of the stars revealed the existence of hyperspace jump points towards which they steered their communication’s systems.  They were largely ignored at first until they developed an FTL Tachyon Communication’s system that allowed them to contact the Confederacy.  Despite it taking centuries to develop the system, it was as if the same individuals kept developing the system thanks to the Glackid’s genetic memory, allowing each successive generation to carry one what those before did.

The Glackid penchant for debate makes them excellent negotiators and lawyers, and they are frequently called upon to act in that regard across the Confederacy.  The Confederation’s primary negotiation teams for all race entries since their inclusion have always had Glackid as a member of their party.  Moreover, they have mostly been of the same family line.


Glackid culture revolves around debate and the need to continually keep moving.  Due to their genetic memory stretching back millennia, they seldom dwell on the past, except to debate the different perspectives their ancestors saw the same events.  This has resulted in a sort of madness amongst some Glackid as contradictory remembrances of the same event can cause logical breakdowns.  The Glackid do their best to avoid this, but continue to gather more knowledge no matter what.

Major Religions/Philosophies

Glackid have a naturalistic religion based on giving and taking from their world, with the circle of life as a central premise.

“Never stop, don’t dwell or look back, pass your knowledge to as many as will hear it.”


As of UCSB Census Date 1000: 2 Billion


Despite their long lives, Glackid are often victims of predation and the weather, keeping their numbers in check.  Despite their popularity as negotiators and lawyers they are reluctant to establish colonies or live offworld for long.  With their efficient long-range communications however they can conduct a great deal of business from their homeworld.  Despite this, many Glackid do spend at least a part of their youth traveling the Confederacy, and they do have a sizable presence on Core, the Confederacy Capital World.


No known sub-species.