Political Affiliation: 


Incorporation Date:


Government Type:

Social Democracy

Genetic Class:

Nitrogen Gas Metabolizing
(Right Handed Amino-Acid)

Sensory Organs: 


Visual Spectrum:





800 cycle

Litter Size:

2 per merging

Life Span:

250+ Annura

Sexual Maturity:

200 annura

Ave. Height:

36+  metra

Ave. Mass:

400 Kilobar


Physical Description

The Kall’Itra are massive silicon invertebrate worms.  Their bodies are highly segmented with a thick semi-rigid white skin and covered with thick silicon-carbide spines that assist it with underground burrowing.  The mouth, is a massive sphincter-like opening at the front that is filled with dozens or rows of more silicon-carbide teeth.

Kall’Itra are mono-gendered and are primarily solitary creatures.  Solitary Kall’Itra reproduce via mitosis and after reaching sexual maturity will split into two or three segments that will continue to burrow and grow.  Should two mature Kall’Itra come into contact, their silicon-carbon quills will cut each other open mixing their DNA.  Both Kall’Itra will then continue on their way and approximately two annura later will split into two to three segments that will then continue to burrow and grow.


Kall’Itra were first discovered on their “homeworld” of Qaine, but after contact was established it was revealed that they were actually seeded throughout the galaxy by an unrevealed elder race.

Kall’Itra maintain a massive telepathic hyperweave with eachother have the highest bandwidths of any telepathic race.  They admit that they were long ago used a form of long range communicators by their masters, and were only semi-sentient at the time.  Through the knowledge they passed however they became intelligent and continue to share information amongst each other.  As members of the Confederacy they have offered to continue to act in that manner so long as the Confederacy transplants their numbers amongst civilized worlds that meet their requirements.  They also have one more considerable request, to help them re-establish contact with their lost siblings in the Consign Spur.  To this end, the COnfederacy asked the Pharad, as they were a member race at the time, to assist in this regard.  The Pharad reported that all Consign Spur Kall’Itra had been killed centuries, if not millenia earlier, but teh Kall’Itra insisted that they still picked up intermittent signals from their siblings.

Nothing could be proven until the Dagonite exodus began and they reported that Kall’Itra remained in the Consign Spur.  The Pharad pled ignorance for over a century until the Pharad Secession War when it was revealed that they were blocking the Kall’Itra’s telepathic link.  That block remains to this cycle and even during the Pharad Space Ban as the source of the jamming has yet to be discovered.


Kall’Itra have a culture based around sharing, primarily of knowledge and assisting those around them.  As such, Kall’Itra are popular amongst colonies in digging mining and transit tunnels, though the Kall’Itra prefer to burrow much deeper.

Major Religions/Philosophies

Kall’Itra have no religion of their own, but acting as infromational conduits they have studied virtually every Confederacy religion and like to discuss their similarities and differences.

“Never stop, don’t dwell or look back, pass your knowledge to as many as will hear it.”


As of UCSB Census Date 1000: 200,000 across all colonized worlds.


All Kall’Itra are telepathic with a bandwidth on the order of a level 9 psionic.  They access the local hyperweave via implants or local telepaths that are plugged into other hyperweave nodes.  Getting close to a Kall’Itra requires a high-level Psionic, at least level 5, as any psionic below that may be overwhelmed.  Non-Psionics can also approach, but can not stay in their presence long as the Kall’Itra will instinctively try and access their minds and can drive them insane with the sheer amount of information such a connection will force.


No known sub-species,  additionally all Kall’Itra appear to be related with minimal genetic differences between them.