Political Affiliation: 


Incorporation Date:


Government Type:


Genetic Class:

Oxygen Gas Metabolizing
(Right Handed Amino-Acid)

Sensory Organs: 


Visual Spectrum:



2 sexual


300 cycle

Litter Size:


Life Span:

Male: 100 annura
Female: 110 annura

Sexual Maturity:

15 annura

Ave. Height:

Male: 7.5+5 Metra
Female: 7+4.5 Metra

Ave. Mass:

Male: 22 Kilobar
Female: 21 Kilobar



Physical Description

Rimdook are four limbed forward kneed hinged suarian reptiloid with with a long prehensile tail.  Rimdook are covered in grey-green scales with thicker belly scales down their torso and spiny ridges down their backs.  Head and back coloring varies with a mixture of reds and blues, a vestigial remnant of their feathered forebears.  Males are slightly larger then the females with a broader head and head shoulders.  Females have a narrower head, cranial quills and wider hips.

The Rimdook have a large saurian head with an enlarged brain case and a pronounced brown ridge.  Large split pupil eyes dominated the upper part of the face on either side of their substantial snout with its downward hinging jaw.  Large nostrils tip the snout, and just behind the jaw are the closing ear holes.

Rimdook have five digits on each hand and foot.  Rimdook hands are large with small claws at the finger tips and an opposable thumb with a larger claw.  The feet are similarly large with long digits and an opposable large clawed digit.  Despite the claw tips the Rimdook hand is quite dexterous.
Rimdook reproduce sexually with female Rimdook coming into season twice an annura or when exposed to extreme temperatures.  Once impregnated the Rimdook gives birth to live young who are quite voracious and need to be immediately fed.


The Rimdook homeworld of Roba is considered quite primitive by some and is still dominated by massive dinosaur like saurians.  Rimdook evolved from one of the smaller predatory saurians, hunting and eventually taming even some of the largest herbivores and carnivores.

Rimdook civilization went through multiple ebbs and flows as they spread across two major continents and numerous island chains.  New civilizations would borrow from those that came before them with small nation states warring or joining forces as time went on.  Eventually two large nations emerged, but separate by their wide ocean wars were limited.

Rimdook industry arose to help speed up commerce across the major continents and even between the great nations.  Within a century Roba entered into an ice age that killed numerous species across the planet.  Even the Rimdook themselves found a great deal of their population lost in the first century of the ice age as the developed great furnaces to keep themselves warm and to allow their females to come into season.

Seeking better ways to stay warm, not only stay alive but to grow their crops and keep their herd animals alive the Rimdook turned to their wisest scientists and engineers for answers.  Seeing the opportunity, the wisest, most intelligent and creative demanded the power to do whatever they needed to do solve the crisis.

This led to the rise of a Geniocracy that saw to the harnessing of atomic power and soon space travel.  The Rimdook launched massive solar power satellites and mirrors to feed an energy hungry world and melt the encroaching ice as much as possible.  This also led to the establishment of numerous orbital colonies and small colonies of their hotter sister planet.

After two more centuries of fighting back the ice the Rimdook discovered hyperspace and within a generation how to travel through hyperspace safely, though not without some loss of life.  The Rimdook as a whole did not see that they had a choice in this regard, desperation forcing them to dump massive amounts of carbon pollution into their atmosphere to try and warm their planet.

The Rimdook soon settled several nearby worlds that met their thermal requirements, and in the process ran afoul of the UCSB.  Still engaged in the Codeian war with the Cthoid, the Confedracy Marines were not properly equipped for first contact.  The result was a slaughter for both sides and solidified a reputation about the Rimdook that they would eat their enemies.

Despite this, and several more similar confrontations the Confederacy entered into negotiations with the Rimdook and a peace was established within the annura.  The Rimdook and Confederacy both apologized for their actions and the Rimdook entered as yet another member race.
With the help of the Confederacy the Rimdook eventually reverse their global cooling, but in the process discovered the reason behind the cooling was in small part due to their proximity to a stellar nursery.  Drifting dust and gas from the nebula entered into their system blocking much of the light from their star just as Roba entered into a natural cooling period.  While little could be done to remedy that issue the emplacement of more “dirty” power stations and numerous solar mirrors did prove to make the surface of Roba habitable again.


Rimdook value intelligence, creativity and ingenuity above all else, as it was the great thinkers that saved them for the millennium long ice age that otherwise would have wiped them out.  Rimdook therefore have a strong distaste for those they consider useless or stupid.

Major Religions/Philosophies

Rimdook have four  major religions with several smaller offshoots, that continue peacefully coexist with one another despite sometimes contrary teachings because of they inspire their followers to do their best.

  • Ramcod: Polytheist religion with various natural gods.
  • Rabodin: Monotheist faith that worships the spirit of their world.
  • Flimbinit:  Monotheist religion that prays to universal consciousness.
  • Balpism:  More a lifestyle that seeks enlightenment through education

Numerous philosophies that follow the basic teachings of their major religions but tend to focus on strength of self above others.


As of UCSB Census Date 1000: 20 Billion across all colonized worlds.


Psionicism- Telepathic and Telekinetic abilities, most Pendrick Psionics average at a level 3, with a few level eight, though relatively few in number, the number of psionics grows with every generation.


No known subspecies