Rising Threat: A Military Sci-Fi Thriller (Spiral War - Liberators Book 3) by [SJ Schauer]


Things just got real.

As the cadets enter their final annura at the academy, they leave the simulator behind to engage in real universe missions throughout Confed Space.

However, as they set out on their own to explore a trio of empty solar systems, the cadets fraction when “Blue Force” throws their flag behind the Zithe, led Monstero Nach, and the “Red Force” align with Cherstin.

Meanwhile, an ancient evil, thought relegated to legend, silently hunts throughout known space. It is a time of transition for the cadet as bitter rivalries come to a head and threaten the lives of the entire class of cadets and the Confederacy itself.

Rising Threat is the third book in the Liberators sci-fi thriller series, set in the Spiral War Universe. Continue the adventures of the Blade Force as they strive to complete their training and bring an end to this destructive conflict.