Master Timeline

Confed Date Earth Date Event Location
26,000 PCD 27,000 BCE Sirians Round up and Kidnap 95% of Neanderthal Population on Earth Earth
10,000-6000 PCD 10000-5000 BCE Ancient Wars, cultural and language seeds laid throughout known galaxy Galaxy Wide
8000-3000 PCD 7000-2000 BCE Pharad Walk the Earth with Impunity, laying the seeds of Terran Culture Earth
~4200 PCD ~3000 BCE Sirian Nommos Expedition to Earth is Turned back by the Pharad after contact is made with  the West African Dogon tribe Earth
3280 PCD 1962 BCE Great Death Anul/Catranul
~2000 PCD ~600 BCE Ancients Exodus, small handful of Elder Races left behind as Caretakers Galaxy Wide
1441-1411 PCD 0-32 CE The life of Jesus Christ, religious leader and purported son of God On Earth Earth
~1000 PCD 472 CE Shinekian recorded history begins upon contact with the Breshig Core Worlds
710-666 PCD 781-828 CE The life of Drig, Religious leader and purported son of God on Anul Anul
680.001 PCD 832.082 CE First Dask of Outcome Anul
~500 PCD ~1000 CE Donvarion Civil War Begins, instigated by Pharad Agents Donvarious
~450 PCD ~1060 CE Third Pharad Dark Age Begins, instigated by Donvarion Agents Phar
400 PCD 1112 CE Lodran Civil War Ends, Lodran’s begin slow progress into space Lodrus System
280.300 PCD 1241.068 CE Nocturnal Knights Saga begins Anul
~250 PCD ~1272 CE Otlain Space Colonization Fleets Launch Ot System
190 PCD 1336 CE Catranulian Slo-Ship Returns to Anul, Space Travel Reintroduced Anul
180 PCD 1347 CE Anulian Space Fleet Formed, Stellar Expansion Begins Anul
150-50 PCD 1379-1486 CE ASF makes first contact and establishes trade relations with the Otlian, Acklid, Lodran, Breshig Core Worlds
65 PCD 1469 CE The Lodran discover the Drashig and declare the Drash system one of their protectorate, but leave it alone for the most part Drash System
65-13.388 PCD 1470-1526.193 CE Life of Ormu Balhet, political, religious, and military leader Drash
60 PCD 1475 CE Vedekian War Machine begins its advance into the Core Worlds Core Worlds
50.389 PCD 1487.008 CE Donvarion Civil war ends Donvarious
44 PCD 1492 CE Christopher Columbus Discovers America Earth
40 PCD 1497 CE Donvarion Empire reestablishes contact with core world races Core Worlds
26.205 PCD 1512.053 ASF peacekeeper fleet finally brings peace to the Otlian Ot System
13.388 PCD 1526.193 CE Vedekian Fleet Attacks Drash, Drashig Prove unusually resistant Drash
13.100 PCD 1527.116 CE Vedekian Fleet Attacks Lodrus, Lodran and ASF fleets repel and pursue Lodrus System
12.013 PCD 1528.208 CE Hyperspace travel reintroduced to core worlds Core Worlds
11.287 PCD 1528.324 CE Drashig Force the Vedekian from their world, capturing numerous hyperspace capable Vedekian Ships Drash
10.246 PCD 1529.066 CE The four race accord is signed by the Anulians, Lodrans, Otlian and Drashig, fleets of the four races engage the Vedekian en-masse Core Worlds
10-4 PCD 1528-1535 CE The Shinekian join and assist in the growing Vedekian War Core Worlds
4.315 PCD 1535.342 CE Drashig destroy the last of the Vedekian War Machine Orion Arm
4-0 PCD 1535-1539 CE Diplomatic relations are started with the Donvarion and Breshig empires in an attempt to avert another war Core Worlds
0.011 PCD 1539.115 CE UCSB formation begins Donvarion System
0.001 CD 1539.127 CE UCSB day one, UCSB begins, Anulian, Donvarion, Drashig, Lodran, Otlian, Breshig, Shinekian Donvarion System
33.333 CD 1575.181 CE The Pendrick join the UCSB  
44 CD ~1587 CE Roanoke Colony Disappears under Mysterious Circumstances Earth
56.056 CD 1599.108 CE Shoteg Join UCSB Donvarion System
77 CD 1621 CE Third Pharad Dark Age Ends Phar
85.093 CD 1630.133 CE Pharad War begins Phar System
96.227 1642.174 Chret Join UCSB Chrone
106.142 1652.336 Pharad War ends, Pharad Join UCSB Phar
112.253 1659.231 Acklid Join UCSB Ot System
~200 ~1752 Tre-Tian Break All contact with the galaxy, disappearing Breshtig System
215.304 1769.275 Necrid Join UCSB Lodrus System
222.041 1776.185 The American Colonies declare independence from England Earth
228.005 1782.298 Boerkian Join UCSB Boer
235.127 1790.228 Codeian War Begins Q’ied
236.258 1792.019 Rimdook Join UCSB Roba
239.319 1795.154 Codeian War Ends, Codeian Join UCSB Q’ied
340.132 1902.276 Nerzain Join UCSB Coven
345.279 1908.182 Sirian Corvette Explodes violently over Tunguska, Siberia after being shot down by Dagonites Earth
380.158 1945.197 First Atomic Weapon Deployed on Earth Earth
389.171 1955.068 Glackid Join UCSB Glick
402.349 1969.202 Apollo 11 Lands on Luna Terra/Sol System
410.187 1977.238 Birthday, SF Edwars (Spiral War Creator) Earth
411.281 1978.357 Kall’Itra join UCSB Quaine
432.389 2001.255 Coretherian Join UCSB Corether
~475 ~2047 Mars One Expedition Lands on Mars Terra/Sol System
~476 ~2048 World War Three Begins on Earth Earth
~479 ~2051 Dagonite War Begins Earth
~481 ~2053 Surviving Dagonites Flee Earth Earth
~481-532 ~2054-2107 Post War Earth Reconstruction Earth
532-597 2107-2177 Solar System Expansion and Militarization Terra/Sol System
562.196 2159.358 Ognibian Join UCSB Ognib
586.106 2165.132 Sirian Empire Collapses, Neanderthal Take Control Sirian System
597.108 2177.041 Neanderthal/Sirian Ship Lands in the Sahara Desert Earth
597.306 2177.239 Articles of Federation Signed, GF Born Earth
598 2178 Strong Anti-Secular Sentiment rises throughout the Earth System Terra/Sol System
600.001 2180.009 “Core” Established as new confed governing world, location secret “Core”
613.087 2194.051 Telshin Cold War Begins (rumored to have been sparked by the Pharad)  
618.276 2199.364 First GF Starship Enters Hyperspace GF Expansion Begins Sirian System
642 2225 Religious Artifacts from all over the Earth begin to disappear from holy places of all religions Earth
647.247 2230.323 Telshin Cold War Ends with the Nentui Accord, Telshin Join UCSB  
648.068 2231.168 Yuggoth Discovered Terra/Sol System
648.069-701.036 2231.169-2287.353 Pharad Secession War Confed Space
660.361 2245.028 Yuggoth’s ATM generators repaired, planet becomes habitable Terra/Sol System
667.192 2252.032 Fershing Join UCSB “Core”
668-678 2253-2263 Centauri War Centauri Empire
670.011 2254.291 Yuggoth’s ART Generators repaired, planet disappears Terra/Sol System
678.019 2263.131 Alpha Centauri Accord Signed, Centauri Join GF Alpha Centauri
701.036 2287.353 Pharad Space Ban Enacted Phar System
705-735 2293-2325 Reconstruction of UCSB hyperspace network Confed Space
706.138 2293.214 First Sighting of the Gorvian Confed Rim
707-713 2294-2300 Vega War (GF vs. Krad) Vega Sector
710.011 2297.186 Cathedral Station 1 goes online, a new Cathedral Station will go online every 15 years on average Anul System
713.024 2300.272 Vega Accord Signed, Krad Join GF Krad System
~725.372 2314.187 Gorvian Fleet Disappears into Tre-Tian Space Tre-Tian Sector
739-747 2326-2334 Gemini War (GF vs. Zantli) Gemini Sector
745.136 2335.081 UCSB Rim Expedition Launched Confed Space
745.258 2335.203 Contact Lost with Rim Expedition as it enters Gemini Sector Gemini Sector
746.149 2336.109 Gorvian Reappear on borders of Tre-Tian Space Tre-Tian Sector
747.377 2338.007 Treaty of Zan-Ven, Zantli Join GF Zan-Ven
751.243 2341.337 First Gorvian Ship Captured Tre-Tian Sector
752.135 2342.254 Beginning of first Gorvian War Tre-Tian Sector
752.363 2343.117 First Battle of As’Tril As’Tril System
753.101 2343.245 GF Launch Strike to “liberate” the Pharad Phar System
753.132 2343.276 Pharad Join the GF Phar System
754-781 2344-2373 Major GF Military Build Up Phar System
755.172 2345.365 Display of Religious artifacts in public banned throughout GF space Terra/Sol System
756.092 `2346.310 Second UCSB Assault on Gorvian Space Tre-Tian Sector
757.125 2348.002 Religious persecution reaches it peak in GF space, religious groups forced into seclusion out of fear, holy places across Earth are demolished GF Space
759.136 2350.063 Second Battle of As’Tril Begins Tre-Tian Sector
760.023 2350.340′ End of First Gorvian War Gorvan System
781.375 2374.116 First contact with Galactic Federation Smegrish System
782.091 2374.222 UCSB declares war on Galactic Federation “Core”
880.036 2479.037 Tacit Metal Asteroid Found Emerging from hyperspace Quaine System
880.121 2479.122 Tacit Consortium Founded to Research Uses for the Tacit Metal Quaine System
885.077 2484.202 Keel of First Tacit Class Carrier (UCSBS-Wolfsbane) is Laid Quaine System
890.247 2490.130′ UCSBS Wolfsbane Commissioned Into Service Quaine System
947.164 2550.363 The GF Alpha Station Comes online, first of the GF Mega Stations Xoth System
975.012 2582.223 Battle of Tamkins Star begins Tamkin’s Star
975.026 2582.237 Armistice laid out by Galactic Federation Terra/Sol System
975.027 2582.237 Armistice accepted by UCSB “Core”
975.04 2582.251 Battle of Tamkins Star ends Tamkin’s Star
985.03 2593.124 UCSBS Vaurnel Destroyed, armistice ends Caslar System
992 2598 Gondral First arises to political and military prominence Gorvan System
995 2601 Toran Markus Dies  
1000.140′ 2607.190′ The Monstero Nach Reports for Duty at UCSBA-13 System: Classified